STEM Camps

stem camps

Drone Programming (cancelled)
Going into 3-9
Dates: August 1-3, 2022 (9am - Noon)
Description: Students will learn to program and fly at the same time! Groups of students will use drones that can be programmed to perform aerial manuevers with entry level block based coding. The fun and excitement of flying drones makes it easy to forget students will be learning valuable 21st century programming skills in the process. The camp will consist of a variety of fun challenges where students will put the programming skills that they learn to the test. Parents are welcome to stop in at the end of each day to see what their child has learned.
Cost: $70

Drone Photography (cancelled)
going into 3-9
Dates: August 1-3, 2022 (1pm - 4pm)
Description: Students will start off Drone Photography by learning how to fly an entry level photography drone. Once they've mastered the basics, they'll be taught more advanced techniques that will help them take higher quality photos and videos with their drones. Photo and video editing software tutorials will enable students to create awesome media content that they can download and keep after the camp. Students are encouraged to bring a flash drive to save and share their creations!
Cost: $70

Minimum (all camps): 8