Enroll at UAS

Upsala Area Schools welcomes new students year-round to our school system. If you are planning a move to our area or have a child preparing for their first year of school, we encourage you to register by visiting with us at 320-573-2176. If you are unsure whether you would like to attend Upsala Area Schools, please contact our office at the same number listed above. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as offer a tour of our facilities. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upsala, a small yet growing community, is located 90 miles northwest of Minneapolis / St. Paul with a number of small towns surrounding us, including: Holdingford, Swanville, Bowlus, Burtrum, Grey Eagle, Elmdale, and St. Francis just to name a few. Upsala Area Schools is at the heart of the Upsala community and provides year-round programming and learning opportunities for students, families, and area residents.

Reference the map links below for additional information about our school boundaries and facility layout.

Are you in our attendance area?

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School BoundariesViewable PDF

Facility MapUAS Building Layout

District Boundaries

If you are new to the area or considering a move, you can confirm your residence is part of the Upsala Area Schools-ISD 487 boundaries by referencing the links above and/or by visiting the Minnesota Secretary of State's website and utilizing the poll finder tool.

If your residence falls outside of our District boundaries, you can still register at UAS via our open enrollment option.

Open Enrollment

Upsala Area Schools participates in the open enrollment program adopted by the state legislature.

Open Enrollment allows students in grades K-12 the opportunity to apply to attend school outside of the school district where they live. Families generally provide their own school transportation but additional arrangements are potentially possible. Upsala Area Schools welcomes students from many other districts in central Minnesota through our open enrollment option.

For further information on open enrollment or to obtain an application, contact Vern Capelle, Superintendent, at 320-573-2174 ext. 105.