Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl

This interdisciplinary academic competition promotes academic achievement and rewards academic excellence. During a Knowledge Bowl meet, teams of students work cooperatively to solve oral and written round questions. No team is eliminated during a meet and every team participates in every round. Questions are related to all areas of learning typical of secondary educational programs.

Students who participate in knowledge bowl are required to attend weekly practices from December through March. At the senior high level, the top two teams from each school advance to the Region 5 Competition. The Top 4 teams from Region 5 advance to the State Knowledge Bowl competition in April. The senior high teams are also invited to compete in a separate Prairie Conference Tournament. After the initial competitions at the junior high level, the 7th/8th grade teams and 9th grade teams are invited to separate region meets.

Senior High Knowledge Bowl Team

Coach: Jennifer Henry

Roster: Victoria Wiechmann, Evelynn Aleckson, Meeli Krueger, Paul Blonigen, Claire Arvig, Alyssa Young, Jacob Gunderson, Jacob Brinkman, Aidan Brannan, Isabelle Klug

Junior High Knowledge Bowl Team

Coach: Jacob Drimel

Roster: Caleb Guthrie, Landon Krebs, Abigail Carlson, Lucylee Aleckson, Brookelynn Schmidt, Madison Goebel, Trygg Aleckson, Daniel Gunderson, Emmalyn Harren