UAS Hall Of Fame

About the Upsala Hall of Fame

UAS is seeking nominations for our next round of Hall of Fame inductions. People are encouraged to nominate individuals who have excelled as an Athlete, Coach or a contributing member of the school.

Nominations that were made last year carry over each year. The committee has a list of individuals that were nominated from last year, but welcome more nominations for the future. The nomination form can be found at the bottom of each Hall of Fame page. A paper nomination form can be picked up at the high school office or by contacting the Activities Director: Mark Herbes by email or phone 320-573-2176 ext 112.


Player: An athlete that has excelled in athletics and has been out of school for at least ten years.

Coach: A coach that has made a positive impact with the Upsala athletic tradition and has been retired from coaching for at least two years.

At Large: A member of the school or community that has made a significant contribution to the Upsala School (examples: school employee, volunteer, or other areas)

Nominations need to be submitted by December 15 to be considered for the following years inductions.